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But This Unforgivable Mistake Was the 'Wake Up Call' That Made This Formerly Broke And Frustrated Advisor Independently Wealthy

If you have ever made cold calls, you know how horrible it is.  I do not know about you, but I would wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat thinking about all of the hostile - indignant people I talked to the day before, and dreading the people I had to face in the morning.

I still get a little queasy any time I think about those dark days of cold calling.

But there was one cold call in particular that was more horrifying than all of them put together. The memory of that day is branded in my mind as if a cowboy took a red hot cattle prod and seared it on my brain. And at the time, I thought it was the worst mistake I had ever made in my life. But as it turned out, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Her name was Mrs. Ann Wilson. I was cold calling to speak with her husband, Jim. When I called to speak to Jim, a man answered the phone. But this man was not Jim. He said, 'Hold On' and he went and got Ann. While I was waiting, I could hear people talking in the background. It sounded like some sort of meeting or something. When Ann got on the phone, I explained who I was, and I went into a sales pitch for a life policy for her and Jim. That is when it got really ugly... Ann started crying and yelling at me.  'How can you be so heartless to call here on the day of Jim's funeral? Is this your idea of a Sick Joke?'  She went on for about five minutes calling me every foul word I had ever heard.  I should have just hung up, but I stayed on the line, trying to apologize and calm her down.

I mean, I really felt like crap.  It totally sucked to call her on the day of her husband's funeral.  Ann really let me have it.  And for good reason.  Who the heck am I to be intruding on her at such an emotional, personal time?

99.9% of the prospecting, marketing and selling techniques taught to Financial Advisors are either Invasive, Interruptive, or both.

The reason they are invasive, or interruptive, is because most prospecting techniques are designed to go after anyone who is breathing, (or in my case breathing was not even required). And 99.9% of the people you are marketing to are not interested. Plus, you are trying to invade on their space through cold calling, knocking on doors, and shaking hands... begging people for names and all that crap.

Trying to convince uninterested people into suddenly becoming interested in your products is absolutely doomed to fail from the start.

It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that it is impossible to convert an uninterested person into an interested prospect. Until they decide they ARE interested, there is nothing you can say or do to convince them to BECOME interested, Period.

Now the opposite of invasive and interruptive marketing is Inbound marketing.  When I started using Inbound marketing techniques, my Commissions SKYROCKETED. In less than 12 months I went from being miserable from cold calling and begging for referrals and making a lousy $37,000 to making over $447,000 in first year commissions.

With these simple methods, everyone you talk to:

  1. Has called you first and only you.
  2. AND is already interested, motivated, qualified, and predisposed to do business with you before they even call you.

Here is how my unique marketing methods work:

  • We find pockets of people 45+ years old who meet a certain net worth and income requirements.
  • We use irresistible passive direct marketing tools, (no cold calling), that tells prospects who are interested how to solve their problems in a way that compels them to reach out to you for help.
  • Those leads who are interested will then immediately call you.

But not only will they call you, they will tell you everything about themselves right over the phone.

They tell you their name, and their age, their marriage situation, their address, their phone number, the amount of assets they are interested in repositioning into annuities, or the amount of life coverage they want to buy, whether they smoke or not, etc.

The sad truth is that most marketing companies and home offices do not care whether the individual advisors succeed. All they care about is recruiting the right number of financial advisors each year to make their numbers work. Most of them just do not give a crap about you or whether or not you can pay your electric bill.

So how are you going to get new clients?

You have 2 options.

You can continue to struggle doing what you have been taught with invasive, interruptive marketing, like cold calling, and shaking peoples hands at chamber of commerce meetings, etc. Or you can switch to Inbound Marketing and sit back while leads call you and your commissions SKYROCKET. It is your choice.

Discover How You Can Skyrocket Your Commissions By Selling Annuities, Even If You Have Never Sold An Annuity Before In Your Life, To High Net Worth Prospects Who All Call You.

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